How to maintain the motorcycle chain? 90% of the riders are not clear, but the method is simple


With the improvement of people's living standards, ther […]

With the improvement of people's living standards, there are more and more people buying cars now, but there are still many people who choose to ride motorcycles. The main reason is that the current road traffic congestion is more serious, riding motorcycles. Faster and easier to avoid traffic jams. But many people just ride a motorcycle, but the maintenance of the motorcycle is not very concerned.

We all know that the main components on the chain motorcycle are directly in good quality and the degree of lubrication is not in place, which will directly affect the safety of our riding, but many people are not very concerned about the maintenance of the chain, but also Many people are too dirty, so they are not willing to maintain the chain of motorcycles. In fact, reasonable maintenance of the chain can make our riding more secure.

About the daily maintenance of motorcycles Many people only know how to change the oil, but they don't know that changing the oil is very particular. They can't be used casually. Because there are many kinds of oil for motorcycles, you can use them for a little. It causes serious damage, so it is very important for the open sea of ​​the engine oil. According to our understanding of our motorcycle, we can choose the right oil, so that our motorcycle will serve us for a long time.

Regarding the regular maintenance of the motorcycle chain, this is also an important reason that affects the life of the motorcycle. Under normal circumstances, the maintenance of the ordinary chain is directly applied to the oil, it is very easy to get, but in fact it is so simple? We all know the other but in fact it is really that simple? We all know that after a long period of operation, the chain will have a lot of impurities, such as sand, silt, etc., and the chain looks dark. In this case, When the chain is applied with lubricating oil, the lubrication effect is very poor, and the correct operation should be to support the vehicle, and then the rear wheel is off the ground, which is more convenient.

Many people sometimes add oil to the chain when they care for the chain. In fact, the oil has a certain difference to the chain oil, and the oil permeability is relatively low. In this respect, the chain can be said to be incomparable, so the maintenance car needs to pay attention to this. In addition, in addition to this, we must also understand the order of the oil and chain oil, the normal order should be to first run the chain oil, and then apply the oil.

Here to remind everyone a chain, you must buy a professional chain of oil do not buy that kind of miscellaneous cards, otherwise it may damage your chain oil, many of the Taobao links have quality, but we are in the chain The oleing tongue must be brushed slowly with a soft brush. The oil in the chain will also check the tightness of the chain. How do you know if the chain is too loose? It depends on your experience. If you follow the steps above, your motorcycle chain will last longer.