The 11 kinds of engines commonly used in motorcycles, the first one is very stable, and the sixth one is very explosive!


The models of motorcycle engines are relatively early. […]

The models of motorcycle engines are relatively early. The four-stroke engines mainly include Honda's CG, CB Suzuki's GS, EN, and Yamaha's ybr engine. The first stage uses more of the following motorcycle engines.

Suntec Honda's CBF vortex engine, which uses crankshaft eccentric displacement technology, tumbling airflow technology with lightweight component design, makes the overall operation of this engine very stable.

Wuyang Honda's OTR engine This engine technology is in no way different from Sundiro Honda's CBF. This engine optimizes the design to improve engine efficiency and reduce engine friction.

Yamaha's nuclear technology engine The biggest highlight of this engine is low fuel consumption, low vibration and low torque. Known as Yamaha's fourth-generation high-performance engine, this engine is the ultimate goal of buying an engine.

Haojue Suzuki relies on this two-cylinder engine to excel in the 250-class model. Its three models have always been quite popular with the star model. This engine is also a relatively new engine of the joint venture Suzuki. The highlight is the high stability and wide adaptability. Whether it is a street car, a sports car or a rally car can easily respond, showing its strong stability.

Spring Breeze 650 This is a domestically produced large-displacement engine. Although it is developed in reverse, the price is absolutely worthy of this engine. Only the true used riders of this engine are qualified.

Huanglong 600 This is the first four-cylinder engine in China. Although this engine is not so detailed compared to other large-displacement engines, the sound of this engine is quite powerful. And the explosive power of this engine is also quite good.

Longxin 650 This engine full set of technology comes from BMW just by Longxin foundry, although it is a large single-cylinder engine, but the engine's explosive power is still outstanding.

Zongshen NC series Whether it is 250cc or 450cc, this series of engines can be said to be a series of engines that are really strong in domestic engines.

Lifan NBF200 Lifan Motorcycle is a company with strong R&D strength in China. It has always adhered to the principle of not relying on engine manufacturing. From the first water-cooled engine to the birth of NBF, this principle has always been adhered to. In addition to these relatively tall engines, there are two more alternative engines for tricycles.

Loncin's water-cooled engine, this engine has no water pump, only the water tank. Its cooling method is relatively simple, just cooling the engine through the temperature of the water.

Zongshen's diesel engine, which also comes with a gearbox and starter, and is a half shaft output power. The above two engines can be said to be more alternative motorcycle engines. Because of the limited space, there may be many engines that can't be detailed, and I hope that the majority of riders will understand.